Saturday, September 13, 2008

In the News XLVII

The Chavez Madness continues

Venezuela moved closer to Russia as Putin and co. offered Hugo Chavez the chance to travel on one of their bombers. This seems like another sign that Cold War II is approaching. Meanwhile the War of words continue between the US and Venezuela. The Americans have accused the Latin American strongman of aiding rebels in Colombia. I have said this before Chavez is a menace (and a boor ) who will soon impoverish his country. It would be in the best interests of Venezuela if the populace rose up to remove this dictator.

McCain still leading Obama

According to the latest Associated-GfK poll the Arizona senator is ahead by 4%. Its still very close. I myself am favouring McCain, so I will take whatever good news, comes my way, but this will very easily turn if Obama, as expected, shines in the debates (although come to think of it - Al Gore was seen as the great debater but Dubya more than held his own against him in 2000). Mean while Sarah Palin, having come through successfully with a tough interview last week, showed that she too has fight in going after Obama.

Canadian Liberals are in big trouble for Oct 14th election

Not since the John Turner era has the party looked so weak. . Even uber-Leftist
Jack Layton of the NDP has given up on them and is focusing his attack ads on the Conservatives. Meanwhile Elizabeth May of the Canadian Green Party continues to insert her foot in her mouth.

Gordon Brown facing potential banana skin in Scotland.

The problems for Britain's Prime Minister seem to be multiplying but can David Cameron and the 'rejuvenated' Tory's take advantage of this?

Sarkozy and Medvedev agree on Russian troop pull back timetable

It may be good for now but who knows what Putin will say tomorrow...Medvedev is a figure head anyway...

From the Horse's mouth - The Iran/Hamas connection. Ahmadinejad: Iran will support Hamas until collapse of Israel

More proof of the global outreach of Islamofascism.

Politics of corruption continue in South Africa

Mbeki has been less than a stellar leader and it seems as those Jacob Zuma is not much of an improvement. 'Cry the Beloved Country' is a truly a phrase that will start resonating soon.
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