Monday, September 08, 2008

In the News XLVI

David Frum sees Sarah Palin as an irresponsible choice...I tend to agree with him for the reasons outlined in this article.

Nevertheless at least one poll has McCain ahead of Obama. I don't believe that overall polls mean anything in this election........its the Electoral College that counts and I have yet to see one projection as of late where Obama trails McCain.

Asif Ali Zardari takes over the presidency of Pakistan. He faces a poor economy, riddled with corruption as well as an insurgency in the West. He is a poor choice, who has a history of indiscretions himself, and will likely butt heads with Pakistan's other powerbroker (and fellow scheister) Nawaz Sharif. Expect more fireworks in the future....

Taken at face value this article certainly implies that Tehran is spoiling for a fight with Israel Lets hope that cooler heads prevail. Congrads though to Nicholas Sarkozy for finally realizing who France's real friend is. Makes a change from the reptilian like policies of his predecessor, Jacques Chirac.

Is there a way to punish Putin for his Georgian belligerency? If there is...don't bank on an economic approach.

The Large Hadron Collider (the world's largest particle accelerator) is scheduled to open this week. While lovers of Physics, such as myself are ecstatic, not everyone shares the same sentiment. Will we be at hand to witness a Big Bang II as the linked article suggests? Perhaps. I would settle for the Higgs Boson Particle myself.

The Chavez dictatorship march continues..... Russia and Venezuela will now hold joint military exercises. In further news Chavez moved closer to nationalizing Venezuela's Fuel industry.

Canadian PM Stephen Harper loses weight and calls for an election on October 14th. Stephane Dion, does what most Liberals do when cornered..... invoke the culture of fear and the hidden agenda. I still can't believe that the Grits chose this out-of-touch egghead as their leader. Talk about a compromise.

I had to laugh at this the Independent believes that only Tony Blair (yes that same Tony Blair who was vilified over Iraq) can save Labour from defeat. Tough luck 'Boring Gordon.'

Mbeki continues to spin wheels in Zimbabwe with more accomodation of the rogue Mugabe.

Condoleeza Rice to kiss and make up with Gadhafi.... I guess it pays to say that "I am sorry."
Reminds me of a murderer who accepts Christ as his saviour on his death bed and receives absolution for his crimes. I wonder if the US will push the Libyan strongman to introduce democratic reforms in his country. I wouldn't bet on it.
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