Monday, September 22, 2008

In the News XLVIII

The Democrats are not to blame for the current credit crisis.........yeah right!!
Read about Jimmy Carter's role in this mess and how George Bush warned the do-nothing Congress 17 times about the problem in 2008 alone.

Thabo Mbeki ousted
He failed to respond rapidly to an escalating HIV crisis, gave political support to the dictator Robert Mugabe and was more renowned for his globe trotting than for tackling the out of control crime in South Africa...I say good riddance...the only problem is his soon-to be replacement Jacob Zuma seems likely to be a lot worse. The feelings in South Africa appear to be of unease.

The Boston Herald is not sold on Obama's economic plan
I would love to know where Barry O has buried the funding for a surge in Afghanistan.

The Latest Polls in the US Presidential Ultra Ultra Marathon
Obama leads by 1% nationally but McCain looks to be slightly strong in Florida and Ohio. Obama has the edge in Pennsylvania and Virginia (surprise........ surprise)
The results are very close. Lets hope it does not come down to the theatrics of 1960 or 2000.

Tzipi Livni is Israel's next prime minister but she is no Golda Meir
What worries me is that she seems to want to continue with the self-destructive policies of her predecessor Ehud Olmert.

British PM Gordon Brown's biggest problem seems to be his own party.
The following is an evaluation of his economic policy.

Tories still ahead in Canadian Election polling
The Conservatives sit at 39%, the Grits at 28%, NDP at 18% and the Greens at 7% (underrated) according to a Nanos research poll. While the lead over the Liberals is extensive this may not translate into a majority in the Commons.

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