Friday, September 19, 2008

26 Signs that the World is insane

1. Millions of Dollars are paid for the Brangalina baby pictures.
2. Jimmy Carter wins a Nobel Peace Prize
3. Academics call for a boycott of the only democracy in the Middle East - Israel. Non-democracies escape criticism from the same voices (who claim to be champions of human rights). 4. Champions of the failed ideologies of Marxist-Leninism (and its history of violent repression) are still considered progressives by many in the MSM.
5. Baseball players earn more money in a week than teachers earn in a year.
6. 'Canadian Left' stakes moral high ground position in arguing for abandonment of Afghanistan to the Taliban.
7. Ideology is substituted for education in many humanities and social science courses in the US and Canada. So much for university being a mind opening experience.
8. Archbishop of Canterbury makes favourable comments with respect to allowing Sharia Law in the UK.
9. Jesse Jackson jokingly claims that he will cut Barack Obama's nuts off...the Left makes barely a whisper.
10. One of the most left wing politician in the senate, Barack Obama, is re marketed as a moderate and half the US buys it.
11. Socialist politicians championing high corporate taxes without acknowledging the obvious reality that such taxes cause mass layoffs and re locations.
12. People continue to buy SUVs.
13. Universities champion free thought but then institute speech codes.
14. Lindsey Lohan is granted so much print space in the press.
15. John McCain nominates a small town rookie for his VP choice after criticizing Obama's lack of experience.
16. Schools respond to falling academic standards by dropping education requirements even further.
17. Medical students accept students with absolutely no Science background into their programs (McMaster U for example)
18. Large portions of Euclidean Geometry - which teaches students reason and logic - is axed from the Ontario Math Curriculum.
19. Ontario Liberals break umpteen different election promises but still win re-election.
20. Reality TV shows dominates the tube.
21. The Olympic Games are granted to Beijing in the first place - so much for human rights meaning anything.
22. Some Politicians not understanding the need for a large border fence between the US and Mexico.
23. The ACLU backing up the politics of Discrimination - aka Affirmative Action.
24. Political Figures acting as if we have infinite resources
25. The existence of a troop of deniers who cannot see the obvious dictatorship ambitions of Hugo Chavez.
26. Noam Chomsky, who has a well documented history of twisting the truth, being taken as a serious scholar on global politics.

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