Sunday, December 27, 2009

Time Magazines Most Important People

Here is the list with my comments in italics

1. Edward Kennedy - Botched Cold War Politics and should have been jailed for Chappaquidick instead he is eulogized as a modern day visionary...go figure

2. Gordon Brown - Britain's Mr. Blah

3. Christine Lagarde - A Eurocrat who seems to be a positive force on the economic frontier in France

4. Thomas Dart - A real hero to the little man

5. Avigdor Lieberman - A flashback to the day of the no-nonsense Israeli politician...a relief after Olmert and the appeasers.

6. Joaquin Guzman - Mexican drug lord - enough said.

7. Nouri al-Maliki - Iraq's Prime Minister - but can he hold the center?

8. Hilary Clinton - Continues the age old American tradition of ineptness in the State Department.

9. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono - Could be Indonesian best ever leader but considering the fact that Sukarno and Suharto are his chief competitors this is not saying much.

10. Boris Johnson - London Mayor. Represents an infinite improvement over his predecessor, terror-pandering Ken Livingstone. Could use a good hair brush though.

11. Norah al-Faiz - She is the first Saudi woman minister but don't expect her to make much progress in a Kingdom where Women's Rights are practically non-existent.

12. Elizabeth Warren - Co-ordinated the mass bailout ($700 billion) of the US banking industry that further indebted the federal government.

13. Paul Kagame - Rwandan leader. Helped end the slaughter in 1994 (the one which the Clintonistas and the Rest of the World pretty much ignored). He seems to be on the right political track.

14. Nicolas Sarkozy - Understands the threat to Western Civilization from Islamofascism. For this alone he would get my vote.

15. Angela Merkel - Is a remarkable improvement on Gerhard Schroeder...A tad matronly but Germany is perhaps one country where you don't want the leader to be overly charismatic.

16. Wang Qishan - I don't know too much about this guy but his position as an economic powerbroker in China coupled with China's growing clout in the financial market certainly warrants further investigation

17. Xi Jinping - Could be China's future President - lets home that he is more Deng (with all his faults) than Mao.

18. David McKiernan - The General Petraeus of the Afghanistan theatre...but will Obama and co. give him time to succeed?

19. Ashfaq Kayani - Pakistani general and possible future president. He is fighting the good fight (against Islamofascism) in one of the most corrupt countries on the planet - I wish him all the success.

20. Barack Obama - Seems to be emerging as a centrist. Does not deserve the B+ he gave himself but is still ahead of the D- that Congress rightfully earned.

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