Sunday, December 13, 2009

In the News LXIV

Continuing with my In the News Series

1000 Environmental Protesters arrested in Copenhagen
Getting arrested seems like a rite of passage for environmentalists..
Not sure why they are demonstrating for...The fact that the conference iws taking place in the first place is indicative of the fact that their message has been heard. I guess the nagging never ends.........

Obama on the Just War in Afghanistan
He is looking more centrist which is a positive outcome. The daggers from the left are being sharpened as we speak.

The US Economy: Sluggish recovery continues
Brings into focus that eternal question....Was the stimulus package really necessary? Or would, as I think, the economy recover more rapidly if just left alone.

Gordon Brown reveals his cluelessness about the scientific process with a ridiculous statement about climate sceptics and their equivalency with Flat Earthers. Counting down until the Brits toss Labour out of Office...

Gaza thugs are back at it again firing rockets at Israel.
Of course if Israel responds they will be condemned by the UN for defending themselves.

More Palestinian stalling on Peace Process
Abbas once again talks through both sides of his mouth.

Three cheers for the Democracy Movement in Iran
Obama let down the Democracy movement on one occasion already...lets hope he gets his act together the next time he is called to do so.

Angela Merkel going for a second term in Deutschland
She seems very matronly but she is a 'helluva' improvement over the scheister
Gerhard Schroder
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