Thursday, December 24, 2009

In the News LXV

Obama wins historic vote on healthcare
For the most part, although I questioned his timing, which was awful in light of the recession, I supported Obama's position on this issue. It is an extremely important piece of legislation that will set in a motion a viable two-tier system. Granted their are problems with the legislation but the do-nothing approach on this issue was simply non-sensical.

Paranoid Chavez goes after the Dutch
The man is a menace, what is most worrisome is the amount of arms he is stockpiling courtesy of Putin and his thugs.

Jimmy Carter apologizes to World Jewry
For years he dragged Israel through the mud, now that he needs the Jewish vote for his grandson he changes his tune. As was always the case Carter is completely untrustworthy. But what can one expect from America's worst ever post World War II president? Point of note - its amazing how many bigots troll the internet adding their comments to articles such as this one that I cited.

A depressing thought - Draft Sarah Palin for President....
She is no Ronald Reagan and if the Republican party (which is still in tatters right now) cannot do better than her than Obama will most certainly triumph in 2012. I still like Rudy Giuliani.

Mugabe fiddles while Zimbabwe burns
He has single-handily destroyed a once prosperous nation. South Africa needs to take a regional stance in removing this demagogue.

Iran is becoming more of a police state
Something has to give..lets hope this time Obama will do the right thing and stand up against tyranny.
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