Monday, March 24, 2008

Zombie Times - The Insanity of Moonbeams

Zombie Times has some bizarre and somewhat nauseating photographs from various uber-Leftist demonstrations/Book Fairs over the last few years.

Five to look at in particular are:

1. US Out of Iraq Now Anti-War Rally

2. Racist Literature Distributed in Berkley

3. Rally Against Bush's opposed Troop Escalation in Iraq

4. Anti-American July 4th

5. AIPAC Dinner Protest

Ten Commonalities from these protests

1. An undeniable anti-semitic undertone/overtone
2. The presence of a significant number of individuals with possible mental disorders
3. HATRED that seems to be pathological in nature
4. An abundance of hypocrisy (Greenies driving big SUVs is my fave)
5. Shock Value
6. The Death of Rationality/Reason
7. Badly written signs
8. Postmodernism ad nauseum
9. An obvious alliance between the Four R's (or Four Radicalisms): Islamism, Marxism, Old-Fashioned Isolationism and New Wave Socialism.
10. Bush Derangement Syndrome
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