Thursday, March 20, 2008

On Barack Obama....some passing thoughts

The Obama candidacy is something of an enigma as it seems to be drawing support from a variety of sources that cut across traditional political divisions (I heard a politician from the Right of center Libertarian Fraser Institute endorsing him the other day... I almost fell off my chair as Obama's economics policies are littered with old-style 'tax and spend liberalism'.........Andrew Sullivan likes Obama as well but the former New Republic editor appears to be inhaling some mind altering fumes of late).

Granted Obama has a noteworthy charisma but I find most of his speeches to be rather vacuous. He throws around the word 'change' as if he was receiving commission for its useage and almost always makes some reference to JFK beatifying the former president to underserved acclaim.
Furthermore Obama's experience profile makes Bush c.2000 look like a political veteran.

It is fair to say that up until the Pastorgate scandal Obama has been clothed in a criticism immunity cloak. Even his assoiciation with slumlord and early campaign donor Tony Reszko has been underreported by the media. I have relatives/colleagues who assure me that Obama is the real deal (usually based on nothing more than a hunch). As for myself I have to agree for once and only once with the odious Al Sharpton (who has since made a predictable u-turn) that Obama is 'all sizzle and no steak'
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