Friday, March 14, 2008

10 scenarios that might happen to us after death

1. We cease to exist completely in all dimensions.
2. We are recycled and reborn as humans somewhere else on Earth.
3. We join with a singularity so that our conscious becomes one with the new medium.
4. We are reborn as a life form somewhere else in the universe.
5. We are reborn as a non-human life form on Earth.
6. We join with another consciousness and are reborn in some form or another.
7. We move into another dimension which our living conscious here on Earth cannot comprehend.
8. We ascend to the paradise described in traditional views of heaven. Never to be reborn again.
9. We are reborn in another world but keep our knowledge gained from the previous life.
10. We (or at least some of us) become 'angels' or messengers. Building new worlds across the universe that will themselves be populated by life
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