Monday, March 17, 2008

Bozos of the Week

1. The Chinese government - For supporting an Anti-Israel UN resolution concerning Gaza while at the same time suppressing human rights with vigilence in Tibet this week;

2. Eliot Spitzer - I won't add more insult to the Spitzer debacle - Suffice it to say that at least the man is no cheapskate and he seems to have better taste in the fairer sex than Bill Clinton;

3. New Scientist - for posting an ad that showed flood victims in some remote Third World locale and somewhere blaming this on global carbon dioxide emissions (as if floods never existed before the Industrial Revolution) - if I wanted senstationalism I would read the Enquirer - Is Scientific Rationalism another victim of Environmental hysteria?

4. Al Sharpton - For threatening the DNC with a possible court action if they allow results from the Florida and Michigan Primaries to stand (these states backed HillBill over Obama). So much for Big Al being a champion of democracy and the right of the disenfranchised.....And of all places Florida where that election in 2000 was 'apparently' stolen - hypocrisy overload here;

5. The Canadian Federal Liberals - For sitting on their hands (when in power) while Canuck Wally Sampson was imprisoned and tortured in a Saudi Jail. The party is now taking the moral high ground by castigating the Conservatives with respect to the Brenda Martin case (A possible misacarriage of justice in Mexico involving another Canadian that took place guessed it..... during the Grit's tenure in power).

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