Thursday, March 06, 2008

Ten More Inductees into the Hall of Lefty Loonies

Who ever accused me of having no Canadian content?.........

1. Peter Leibovitch - Head-in-the sand so-called 'pro-labour' activist
2. John Clarke - Head of OCAP - Professional Rabble Rouser
3. James Clarke - Prime Winer for the Stop the War Coalition
4. Andrea Calver - Feminist Kvetch
5. Avi Lewis - New lapdog for Al-Jazeera
6. Sid Ryan - CUPE's Chief Windbag
7. Marilyn Churley - 'Space Cadet' and former NDP minister in People's Republic of Ontario
8. Carolyn Parrish - Resident former liberal foot-in-mouth MP. A third rate mind amongst second rate minds.
9. Jack Layton - Grand Poopah of unelectable Canadian Socialists
10. Harry Kopyto - A one man noise pollution device.
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