Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Letter to Michael Coren

Hi Michael

A few remarks about you recent shows:

1. On the healthcare debate - Full marks to doctor Yoel Abells - he articulated both sides of the argument very well, had fair criticisms and seemed to be extremely open minded in working on an optimum solution for all. In short he has not let dogma blind him to reason which seems to be the case with Dora Jeffries. Also on healthcare - I was surprised that none of the four guests bought up the idea of pegging user fees to income.

2. A few weeks ago you questioned Sid Ryan on the left's apparent silence towards the suppression of Trade Union figures in Iran. It would be interesting to know how he would respond if you suggest CUPE boycott Iran as they did (and very unfairly so) with Israel.

3. You often entertain debate on Faith based schools however in all the discussions I have witnessed so far I have never once heard anyone mention the fact that the publicly funded Catholic system discriminates against teachers based on religion with respect to hiring. While it makes sense to have Catholic educators teach religious based courses (I have no objection there) I fail to see how one's faith plays an issue in the teaching of secular subjects eg. Physics, Math, Chemistry, History etc. Last time I checked Newton's Laws of Motion worked regardless of the type of God one chose to believe in.

Any thought to the ideology in education meme?

Tough luck about the Man U result on Sunday the Devils were lucky once again.


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