Monday, August 20, 2007

In the News XXXI

Peruvian President Alan Garcia promises to rebuild Pisco
It is believed as of the time of this article that 540 people were killed and 1500 injured.
148 bodies have been removed from San Clemente Church alone. 85% of the houses have been destroyed in the city. The Earthquake had a magnitude of 8 that was followed by a 5.6 magnitude aftershock.

French Foreign Minister vistits Iraq,8599,1654291,00.html
The French are first-class meddlers (and normally mess things up) but I will play the wait and see game on this one.

Libya releases five Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian doctor
The charges against the Medics were trumped up but once again the party in the wrong (Libya) comes up looking reasonable and approachable. Iran played the same game with the captive British sailors earlier this year, as did Hamas in the Alan Johnston saga....A definite pattern.
I wonder how much nuclear assistance the French have promised the Libyans? This is the frightening part? For me the jury is still out on Sarkozy......I do not believe that he is the darling that the conservative media makes him out to be.

Suspiciously absent: Palestinian Authority anger for the charges against the doctor? Now if Israel had did this...which they wouldn' would never hear the end of the complaints.

PresidentialCampaign 2008
taken from:


R. Giuliani - 33% (Value is holding firm)
F. Thompson - 19% (down from 21% - last month - although officially not an entry)
M. Romney - 14% (up from 8% - Straw Poll in Iowa helped him out)
J. McCain - 11% (down from 16% - I can't see McCain survibing the race)
M. Huckabee - 4%
R. Paul - 3%
D. Hunter - 2%
The rest - 4%
Undecided - 11%


H. Clinton - 36% (holding strong)
B. Obama - 21% (consistent over last several weeks)
A. Gore - 15% (not even standing)
J. Edwards - 9%
B. Richardson - 3% (my choice)
J. Biden - 2%
D. Kucinich - 1%
The rest - 1%
Undecided - 10%

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