Friday, August 10, 2007

Debate with Silly Leftist #1

Gavin's original comments in blue
Lefty's comments in Green
Gavin's new comments in Red

But lets be realistic here – comparing human rights in the US to Iran or North Korea is in a way like trying to equate the tennis prowess of an ATP Tour regular with your occasional Sunday afternoon player. Its simply not worth the intellectual effort.

I will admit that the US has taken many steps to correct injustice and has been the champion of human rights for sometime now…. Finally we agree on something.. ….good However, their foreign policies has always been nothing short of malevolentMarshall Plan? Peace Corps? Democracy in Japan? All bad in your books?………, There hasn’t been a period in US history in the last 90 or so years where they have not been in a conflict directlyactually the US was largely isolationist between WWI and WWII and conflict free for the most part or indirectly supporting regime change in a foreign countrySo based on this logic they shouldn’t have entered WWII to force regime changes on Nazi Germany, Japan and Italy? Mmmmmmmm is not true for any of the countries you mentioned I believe North Korea invaded South Korea in 1950 to force a regime change. Thankfully it failed. We know this as the Korean War .
Iran acts to influence regime change through its proxy armies: Hezbollah (Lebanon) and now Hamas (Gaza Strip).
Moreover, in domestic affairs, you simply cannot ignore not ignoring anything just putting it into perspective now what is happening in Guantanamo Bay described as “the gulag of our times” by Amnesty International. Lets see millions of innocents perished in the brutal Soviet Gulags…. There are a five hundred or so terrorists at Gitmo ….Seems a reasonable comparison…NOT….

According to a recent poll, Iran, Israel, North Korea, and the US top the list as countries with the most negative influence in the world

Easy to Explain:
Those with knowledge chose: Iran and North Korea
The rest: Israel and the US

He then claimed that Us Supreme Court Justices always mimic the views of the presidents that appointed them.

“....... Presidential appointed judges do not necessarily mimic the views of their President who appointed them. In fact they often don’t. Souter, O.Connor, Kennedy tend to be more liberal than Bush Snr and Reagan.”

I suppose the Supreme court handing Bush the election was just a figment of my imagination

I didn’t like the Supreme Court Decision either. I believe that a new election should have been called. Problem is…, is that new elections are costly and a nation such as the US cannot exist in a state of quantum electoral flux for long periods of time.

… Souter flip flops, O’ Connor comes of as a liberal bc she cares about women rights, and Kennedy is a Libertarian.

Exactly. Judges on the US Supreme Court are independent thinkers. Case proven.

He then said that he likes Sweden as it is a transparent democracy.

I guess you must like paying taxes (not sure what is so transparent about that – seems rather opaque to me).
Sweden has a Standard Value Added Tax of 25% compared to Canada’s 7%.
After taxation the average income left in ones pocket is $14,770 in Sweden compared to $22,050 in Canada.
It is the only country in the world with a total tax revenue of over 50% .
On the positive side Sweden gave the world Volvo, Saab (both now US owned), Scania, TetraPak, Ikea, Bjorn Borg, Abba, Linneaus, Arrhenius, Raoul Wallenberg, Berzelius, the Paris of the North and Bergman movies.
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