Thursday, August 02, 2007

20 Boredom Sources

1. A Democrat Candidates debates – all Candidates support an immediate exit plan, all champion Affirmative Action, All are Pro-Choice, All are inclined to Socialized Medicine. All support big government. All have signed up to the Global Warming agenda. Which brings up the issue as to what exactly is there to debate?

2. Listening to Stephane Dion speak - his lips move but that’s about it…

3. Listening to speakers from Palestine House – Level of engagement consists of calling Israel an apartheid state (when any logical analysis will show that this is incorrect) and not budging from that position – So much for rational talk and informed debate.

4.The World Cricket Cup – Nobody was in Australia’s league. Made for a rather dull affair.

5. Women’s Tennis – A poor comparison to the Men’s game. Don’t count on many winners but you will see lots of dry rallies.

6. Friends – A sitcom that in over 10 years on TV was perhaps funny on 5-6 occasions.

7. Heavyweight Boxing – Since Lennox Lewis’ retirement the domination by Eastern European fighters of questionable ability makes for one big snore fest. Where are the Ali’s, Frazers and Foremans? Right now I would even settle for the overrated Larry Holmes.

8. CBC Canada – Hour upon Hour of Sanitized News and politically correct programming. Makes an excellent argument as to why government should not be in the business of entertainment.

9. Bush Bashers – I am no fan of Dubya – but the list of people willing to unfairly blame the American President for every ill under the sun has become so long that the meme has lost much of its significance – come on people focus!!

10. Exit Strategies – Its bantered around in the media for public consumption but what kind of intelligent ‘strategy’ is it (other than idiocracy) if the enemy knows all about it. Sun Tzu must be cursing in his grave/ashes right now.

11. Home Decorating/Fashion Design Shows on TV – Ok we get it – we dress like pigs and live in sties? Only the aesthetic one’s can save us from our own demise. To whom should I make this cheque payable?

12. The Scottish Premier Soccer League – Celtic v Rangers. Everyone else just makes up the numbers.

13. Donald Trump’s Ego – Its almost as large as Oprah’s bank balance.

14. Mike Moore – Do we really need to see another feast of selective editing and planned finger pointing in a propaganda piece that masquerades as a documentary?

15. Noam Chomsky/Howard Zinn – Rehash the same blame America rhetoric in countless books – while walking to the bank - to a doe eyed audience eager to pin everything on the Man.

16. Sid Ryan – The Foghorn on the Left who clings to a brand of socialism that fell by the wayside (even in Europe) in the 1980s. Often sees himself as a champion of the little man – a woeful inaccuracy used to cover up his general opposition to policies that would make place his position as union ‘deity’ in jeopardy.

17. The NDP – Still sticks to the mantra of High Taxes as a way of punishing the productive portion of our population.

18. The Liberal Party of Canada – Have made themselves the so-called paragon of Canadian politics by robbing from both the right and the left and repackaging those policies as their own. Truism is so apparent that it is well…..boring.

19. CAIR’s hypocrisy – Boring but tragic – A cry baby organization that is quick to invoke the First Amendment when it suits them - to stifle investigation of potential terrorist threats - but not when it doesn’t - championing criminal hate charges against a university student for simply flushing a Koran in the toilet.

20. Richard Dawkins – Has made G-d bashing a personal obsession – in fact for an atheist he probably spends more time thinking about G-d than does the average theist. Possible book title for those nauseated by this high priest of scientism – The Dawkins Delusion.
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