Tuesday, May 29, 2007

What I have come to realize about G-d

1. G-d supercedes all that there is, all that there was and all that there will ever be.
2. G-d is without an end or a beginning - hence my affinity for the Kabbalistic Ein Sof description of G-d.
3. A true understanding of the working nature of G-d is beyond human understanding.
4. G-d is all powerful.
5. One does not have to ahere to any organized religion to appreciate G-d.
6. There is no counterforce to G-d.
7. If it happens its because G-d wills it so.
8. Science is an instrument of G-d. Attempts to elevate science to a level that transcends G-d is therefore ridiculous.
9. G-d has no Gender.
10. G-d has no Sexual Orientation.
11. Our Souls and Spirit, like everything else, derive from G-d.
12. G-d gave us Free Will.
13. Evil exists as it serves a purpose.
14. G-d challenges us daily.
15. Prayer must come from the heart else it is meaningless.
16. Although we derive from G-d none of us are perfect - this is G-d's will.
17. G-d wants us to question him (gender used for convenience).
18. G-d wants us to reason and think for ourselves.
19. No person is a G-d.
20. No ideal is a G-d.
21. No nation is a G-d.
22. The Evolution of systems is part of G-d's will.
23. G-d is greater than we can ever conceive.
24. Great works of philosophy and the books of organized religion should never be elevated to the same staus as G-d.
25. G-d created time but is not framed by it as we are.
26. G-d can monitor every detail of the universe.
27. G-d has made a choice for many systems to be imperfect.
28. G-d represents a Goodness that we should to emulate.
29. Logic is the software of the universe.
30. The universe could disappear in a blink if G-d deemed it so. It could re-appear in a similar blink if that were G-d's choice.
31. Organized religion has helped in framing our worldview with necessary morals but it has failed in a way by boxing G-d into its own narrow definition.
32. The world has meaning thanks to G-d.
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