Sunday, May 13, 2007

EPL at an end of 2006/2007

Today was the last game of the 2006/2007 season.
From my perspectives as a Liverpool fan here are some observations from the season.

1. Pool were almost invincible at Anfield - conceding seven goals. The Reds won 14, Drew 4 and lost 1 (the injustice against Man U after we played the Devils off the pitch).

2. The team finished third and will defintely play in the Champion's League next year.

3. Dirk Kuyt proved to be an excellent pickup - future 20 Goal scorer.

4. Beating Chelsea 2-0 was priceless...ditto Arsenal 4-1 and Spurs 3-0.

5. The team lost nine games on the road...including a 3-0 defeat to the Toffees. Sheffield United, who were relegated had fewer losses on the road.

6. Craig Bellamy has yet to deliver with earnest in the league ...although his performance at the Nou Camp was first-rate.

7. Daniel Agger appears to be emerging well as a defender.

8. The Reds tied United for the second best defensive record in the EPL --- and if they hadn't thrown away the last three games... who knows? .... maybe they would have tied Chelski for first place.

9. The midfield still lacks balance especially on the left wing.

10. Jermaine Pennant was dreadful during the first half of the season but came to life in the new year.

11. Sami Hyppia although still the best defensive header of the ball was shown wanting for speed in the back row... Next season may be the last for the Big Finn at Anfield.

12. Gerrard and Carragher were solid as usual...however Benitez playing Gerrard at Right Wing is a poor strategy.

13. Man U looked awesome and fully deserved the title...this is not a good sign at all.

14. No goals were scored against the Toffees this season....(another bad sign).

15. Did the Double over Watford, West Ham, Spurs, Reading and Wigan. Should have done the double over Fulham, Charlton, Man City, Sheffield U, Boro and Newcastle as well.

16. The Reds failed to Live up to expectations on a go forward basis finishing 21 points behind Man U.

17. Set Pieces are still a nightmare...especially defending them.

18. Still not sure why we need Javier Maschareno?

19. The Crowd on the Kop was very much a factor in Liverpool's success.

20. The Hicks and Gillette takeover...does this mean more cash in the bag...we will wait and see.
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