Wednesday, May 30, 2007

15 Greatest Successes of Western Civilization

With all the negativity that abounds its time to praise Western Civilization. While not perfect by any means here are some positives.

- Why it is worth defending.

1. The development of liberal democracy.
2. Freedom of Speech
3. Freedom of Religion
4. The defeats of Fascism, Absolute Monarchy and Communism.
5. Modern Medicine
6. Science and Engineering of Flight
7. Women's Rights
8. A strong moral foundation built on Judeo-Christian Ethics.
9. Running water and Sewage control.
10. A tradition of excellence in Academics - Scientific Free Inquiry.
11. Enhanced long distance communication abilities
12. Toleration of a diversity of thought.
13. Expansion of the Arts.
14. Law and Order
15. Universal Education
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