Wednesday, May 30, 2007

25 Threats to Western Civilization

(Not in any order)

1. Radical Islam
2. Bad Capitalism eg. Enron, Worldcom
3. Post Modernism in the Universities - Collapse of Standards and the birth of Intellectual Nihilism
4. Culture of Entitlement.
5. Affirmative Action - Victimhood Philosophy
6. Poor Leadership
7. Tax Loopholes
8. Growing Wealth Gaps....Encroaching poverty.
9. Erosion of Judeo-Christian values by Moral Relativism
10. Legalities
11. Culture of the Dollar
12. Over reliance on technology
13. Restrictions on Freedom of Speech - especially at the University Level.
14. Increasing price of Medicine
15. Limited consequences for serious crimes.
16. Commercial colonization of everyday life.
17. Reliance on Foreign Oil or oil in general.
18. The impending fall of small business capitalism at the hands of corporations.
19. Excessive Materialism.
20. The Cult of I.
21. Bureaucracy.
22. Market Capitalization economy that at time loses synchronization with the productive economy.
23. National Debt
24. Illegal Immigration
25. Ok. Reality TV - but that is way too easy.
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