Thursday, July 02, 2015

Women's Movement spins off the rails

The Women’s rights movement has played an important role in the democratic history of the west by championing the struggle for voting rights, access to education, judicial equality and better opportunity of employment for women There is no doubt that society is better for these achievements. While it draws from a philosophical basis that include the bright lights of Wollstonecraft, Mills and de Beauvoir. It has gained some strength as well through the more modern although less sophisticated work of Friedan, Sontag and Greer. However the movement’s real success was its pragmatism that used the geopolitical/economic disturbances of the time such as the World Wars to bolster a real and meaningful struggle. Rosie the Riveter, the archetype symbol of the immense contribution of women to the war effort is in many a way the greatest feminist of the modern era.

However like so many other movements – such as those that fought for racial equality and worker’s rights – today’s heirs to the women’s right struggle have fallen far short of their past greatness. In fact just as the NAACP, with all its infighting and continuous whining, as well as the self serving Rainbow Coalition (founded by the charlatan Jesse Jackson who has done more than perhaps anybody other than the chronic mischief-maker Al Sharpton to soil the tremendous legacy of Martin Luther King) modern feminism is beset by a rot that now only serves to hinder the credibility of its predecessors.

Take the year 2014 for example, that was highlighted by seemingly endless accounts of the brutal ill-treatment of women (especially non-Muslim women) by Islamic fundamentalists within and often beyond the ISIS umbrella.

If it weren’t for the more conservative media outlets (those that are often attacked by the Orwellian keepers of the discourse as Islamophobic) one would rarely hear of such barbarisms (the real inconvenient truth). The sanitized mass media play down such events for fear of a backlash (although they have no qualms about going full ‘retard’ if the religion is not Islam) and feminist organizations, who should see this as a primary concern, have adapted what appears to be the mantra of hear no evil, speak no evil and see no evil.

Instead what one finds is the ever irrelevant National Organization of Women (known as NOW although this should perhaps be changed to LATER or NEVER) and its horde of sycophants in the increasingly academically poor cultural studies programs rallying about such diabolical manifestations as Manspreading, Ban Bossy, scientists with ‘sexist’ shirts, Gamergate and the manufacturing through false statistics and equally appalling analysis of a rape culture that simply doesn’t exist.

Each one of these memes can be ripped to pieces, mulched and then tossed to the waste bin of bad ideas, along with the rest of the nefarious bile that is Cultural Marxism, by a simple application of reason, logic and that biggest of distracters….FACTS. It already has.

Yet this nonsense persists, driven by the keepers of a Third Wave Feminism, who have pulled the rug away from sanity, jumped a line up of half a dozen sharks and have taken - what could have been a movement that extended the notion of the women’s struggle to regions of the world (where it is most needed) - into a laughable and living caricature of itself.

This is not only a real shame but an insult to women worldwide.
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