Tuesday, July 07, 2015

The Iranian Nuclear Deal - Lets not forget

1. It leaves Iran’s centrifuge refining structure in place
2. It does nothing to remove Uranium stockpiles in Iran
3. In 10-15 years Iran will be free to do as they please on a Nuclear Level.
4. Has no way to control illicit underground nuclear refinement processes.
5. Lifts Sanctions for promises that can be easily broken. Will result in a large inflow of capital that will embolden Iran as a power player and meddler in the region.
6. Does not put pressure on Iran over her funding of terrorist groups in Lebanon (Hezbollah), Gaza (Hamas), Yemen as well as its complicity in Syria’s genocide regime.
7. Does not pressure Iran with respect to the treatment of women, gays the Bahais and other minorities.
8. Will encourage Sunni regimes to develop nuclear infrastructure
9. Does not address the belligerency of language and deed that Iran uses against Israel
10. It fails to address Iran’s development of long range ICBM development

And Most of all it does nothing to help the mainstream DEMOCRACY MOVEMENT in this once proud nation.
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