Saturday, July 25, 2015

Why Trump matters

From my blog....My initial assumption was that Donald Trump was your quintessential Andy Warhol candidate - fifteen minutes of fame and then he would be done (you can add the stick-a fork-in-it analogy if you so please). In fact in my own head I carried a mini-countdown clock as I waited for the time that the Donald would vacate centre stage. I saw him as a nuisance holding a place before the real candidates come to the fore.

However the fifteen minutes are up and if anything Trump is gaining momentum. Lots of it. In fact in a July 15th Washington Post-ABC poll Trump chimed in with 24% of Republican voter support ahead of the 13% for Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and fthe 12% associated with former Florida governor Jeb Bush.

While the New Hampshire Primary is not on the cards until February 9th of next year (a lifetime in politics) Trump could by then have easily solidified his grip on large segments of Middle America who fall on the Red side of the political equation. This is the same group that rallied behind Reagan to ensure success for the Gipper in the 1980s primaries and if Trump’s appeal broadens he could easily poach many blue collar democrats in the industrial heartland of the nation (remember Reagan and the Pennsylvania Democrats). This will greatly strengthen a burgeoning base and make him potentially unstoppable.

This all begs the question – What is the appeal of the Trumpmeister? Its clearly not his personality or eloquence for he is obviously wanting in both departments. But unlike any other candidates, Republican or Democrat (with the possible exception of Ted Cruz – who does not have near the name recognition of DT), Trump speaks to the real issues – job loss to Asia, illegal immigration, crime and a deteriorating Union of States. He is not afraid to be politically incorrect and harsh on what he deems to be wrong with the system and he says so with passion. In short Trump articulates the concerns of your average Joe and Jane America.

After the malaise of the Bush era and the stupefying years that have characterized the Obama presidency (possibly the worst in Post-World War Two America) Trump comes across as that much needed dose of necessary oxygen. There is a freshness about him that resonates with the Plebian electorate. While his wealth makes him a man of the establishment he can clearly step out of the fold and argue for the middle class. He is in a sense their champion and they clearly need one.

The nation is beset by fissures - large ones. Americans have been self flagellating for the better part of a decade under an administration that barely recognizes its exceptionality as a nation and is more content in playing to the needs of special interest groups (on issues of race and sexuality in particular) than speaking to the working populace whose engine ultimately drives the country. Rome has been burning and establishment has been fiddling. The US is the greatest debtor nation in human history and the decline is obvious. Enough is enough and herein lies the appeal of Trump.

Whether he will deliver remains to be seen. Are his key points valid? Without a doubt YES and for all of those who value a strong US as the necessary nucleus of an endangered Western Civilization Trump’s talking points must remain at the epicentre of the political debate.
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