Saturday, July 11, 2015

Walking Dead Spinoff Series - Fear the Walking Dead

I can hardly wait for the series to begin. It looks like it will shed light on the origins of the zombie virus that has engulfed the world in the Walking Dead Universe. It is exactly the prequel that I was hoping for. WD is an amazing series (the comic is even better at times). Not only does the script move at an entertaining pace but the acting and directing are first rate. If you haven't seen an episode. Do so. The first Four Seasons are on Netflix. I was a sceptic at first (thought it was a rehash of George Romero's work - which its not) but the depth of characters and the struggle of regular people to survive in a world gone belly up are brilliantly dealt with by Kirkman and his writer team. Classic.

Top Fifteen Favourite Walking Dead Characters

1. Rick Grimes (both comic and TV)
2. Negan (from the Comics - soon to be on TV...hopefully)
3. Darryl Dixon (only on TV)
4. Morgan (from TV)
5. Michonne (TV over comic)
6. Paul 'Jesus' Monroe (Comic)
7. Hershel Greene (from TV)
8. Shane (TV version only)
9. The Governor (TV not comic version)
10. Carl Grimes (Comic has edge over TV character)
11. Andrea (Comic over TV)
12. Tyreese (TV)
13. Dwight (Comic)
14. Maggie Greene (Comic over TV)
15. Glenn Rhee (TV over comic)
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