Friday, March 20, 2009

In the News LIV

Israel negotiating release if Gilad Shalit
Like most 'compromises' with the thugs at Hamas it will come at a high price for Israel...

George W Bush backs Obama's economic plans
This shows great character by the former President...I doubt whether his opponents would have been so forthcoming if the situation were reversed.

Barack Obama gets down to some serious business...........Not'The+Tonight+Show'+(it+wasn't+that+difficult)
What did they say about Nero fiddling while Rome burnt?

Chavez continues on his march toward dictatorship
Surprise...surprise...he can't deal with the opposition
Meanwhile the Venezuelan ego met with another American useful idiot

AIG bonuses to be recouped by taxes
One stupidity for another........
Could AIG be Obama's Katrina?

Something real to fear
Russia's military buildup.
Meanwhile it seems as though Putin might have met Reagan as a KGB agent...

Pakistan faces more problems from the Taliban.
More proof of the growing threat of Islamofascism.

Security lapse blamed for attack on Sri Lanka Cricket team

Supporters of LTTE launch worldwide PR campaign again Sri Lankan government
Safe to say that the government is not amused...

White farmers in Zimbabwe take last stand
Why Whites continue to live in this ethnic cleansing environment is still anybody's bet?

Zuma charges may be dropped
Another thug and South Africa's next dictator will most likely walk free....

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