Saturday, March 07, 2009

In the News LIII

Dow has dropped 1500 points since Obama's inauguration
Many in business are seeing the President's actions as a war against Capitalism...for me its just silly economics...Keynesian style.

Jihad on facebook
Islamofacist outreach continues...what is worse is that the facebook administrators have done such a poor job in stopping it...

Gorbachev sets the record straight on Putin: Worst version of Communists
His actions in support of Iran and his clamping down of criticism in Russia add further weight to this assertion. For more om Putin's 'war' with the Ukraine read:,2933,505135,00.html

Rush Limbaugh is in the News once again: Rahm Emanuel may have indirectly given him a publicity boost
I am not a fan of Limbaugh (he is but he certainly has a way of giving it to his opponents......

Chavez - destroying the Venezuelan economy one-step at a time (while cheerleaders in American and Canadian left look on with approval).
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