Thursday, March 19, 2009

50 Physics Ideas you really need to know

Joanne Baker's 50 Physics Ideas you really need to know is an excellent read and I urge all fans of Physics to get hold of a copy.

What are the fifty ideas? I have listed them below (not in order of importance)

Mach's principle
Newton's laws of motion
Kepler's laws
Newton's laws of gravitation
Conservation of energy
Simple harmonic motion
Hooke's law
Ideal gas law
Second law of thermodynamics
Absolute zero
Brownian motion
Chaos theory
Bernoulli equation
Newton's theory of colour
Huygen's principle
Snell's law
Bragg's law
Fraunhofer diffraction

Doppler effect
Ohm's Law
Fleming's right hand rule
Maxwell's equations
Planck's Law
Photoelectric effect
Schrodinger's wave equation
Heisenberg's uncertainty principle
Copenhagen interpretation
Schrodingers cat
The EPR paradox
Pauli's exclusion principle
Rutherford's atom
Nuclear fission
Nuclear fusion
Standard model
Feynman diagrams
The God particle
String theory
Special relativity
General relativity
Black holes
Olber's paradox
Hubble's law
The big bang
Cosmic inflation
Dark matter
Cosmological constant
Fermi paradox
Anthropic principle

Pretty neat......Now how can I make use of all these ideas for a science literacy program?.........I wonder....
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