Monday, October 06, 2008

On Turning 40

I just turned 40 last month - a key milestone in my life - which I have chosen to celebrate as oppose to 'mourn' over. In all truth I cannot complain - I am blessed and have many gifts that have served to make me who I am. My life has been one so far of opportunities and I believe that, for the most part. I have taken them. Yes there were some bumps along the way...a failed marriage...a job layoff....some silly mistakes here and there...but so what?...the positive has triumphed and at the end I am the better for it.

My lovely wife Dina organized a surprise birthday party for me (and really it was a surprise ...I was totally blindsided) which made me realize once again how fortunate I was to have both the support of friends and family.

However I know that my success so far would not have been possible without my strong belief in G-d...a belief that I have combined with a strong affinity towards science and reason. I do not see them as mutually exclusive but as twin facets shaping my worldview.

I rejoice in all of this and once again. Thank G-d.
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