Monday, October 27, 2008

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ANC in the decline in South Africa??? Perhaps....

I reckon that when Mandela passes away away the party will soon cleave into its various fragments: the split between the Mbeki and Zuma groups is already self evident.

Livni leads Netanyahu in the Polls

This is not good news. Israel cannot afford another Kadima government. The damage done to the state by the defeatists in the Olmert regime has already been substantial. I am hoping that Israeli voters will shift to the right as this article in US News seems to suggest.

Israelis prefer McCain over Obama: 46% to 34%.

This is ultimately a meaningless poll but it does seem to indicate the concern Israelis feel over Obama's ability to deal with Iran.

Russia is afraid of Economic Isolation

The West can use this fear to pressure Russia with respect to halting its belligerency in Georgia and its meddling in Iran.

Gender Equality in Iran- the struggle continues

The Western feminist elites rarely speak of this but I am posting this article as a show of support for Women's rights in this reactionary regime.

McCain is looking for a comeback but I wouldn't bet on it...

Nevertheless I am still backing the old warhorse but the chances of him derailing the Obama machine are becoming slimmer each day....

This is how the key battleground states look:

Colorado - Obama ahead by 12 points.........ouch
Florida - Neck and Neck...McCain may pull this one out the hat
Indiana - This is normally solid Republican territory but B.O. might pick it up...spillover from Illinois
Missouri - Anyone's game...however if you believe the MSM fanfare and the crowd pictures (which I don't) than Obama should win it. If St. Barack does win this then based on historical precdedent McCain can bid goodbye to the Oval Office,
New Hampshire - Only New England State where GOP normally has a chance but not this year.
New Mexico - Hispanic vote will sink McCain despite the Maverick's pro-immigration standpoint.
Nevada - Flip a coin...
North Carolina - Surely McCain can't lose this...can he?
Ohio - I am calling this one for McCain but not by much.
Pennsylvania - Has of late almost become a safe Democrat State. Bad News for the GOP.
Virginia - The Polls are backing Obama and I believe that he will win here....Pity
Wisconsin - More Obama territory ...yawn
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