Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Canadian Federal Election 2008

Some Observations after the Tory's were returned to power with a minority government (albeit a stronger one than before).

1. The Bloc is really a Block and an immovable one at that - will we ever obtain a majority government of any type with their 50 seats or so blocking the way? They now have added clout to continue blackmailing the Rest of Canada.

2. The Liebrals won over 90% of the seats in the GTA (only Trinity-Spadina and Toronto-Danforth held out with their selection of Mickey and Minnie Mouse) but took less than 25% of the seats nationwide - it just goes to show you how out of step Toronto is with the rest of English Canada (Canada is basically a small c conservative country). For some reason - based on nothing in particular - the Liebrals have duped Toronto's large immigrant population into believing that the Grits best serve their interest...If ever there was a snow job this is it....

3. The Green Party ultimately flopped - they only won 6.5% of the popular vote and came away with no seats (not even Guelph). Elizabeth May predicted that the Greens would win eight about missing the mark.....I can see a possible leadership change here as well...Also did she honestly think that she could defeat the high profile Peter MacKay in his back yard? Do the Greens still deserve a spot in a future National Debate?...I don't believe so anymore...there already was too much dilution this time around - boy were those debates a waste of time.

4. Other than the GTA the Torys emerged as the new power in Ontario - Don't be surprised if Peter Kent develops into an influential figure in the Harper administration over the next few years.

5. The country is still concerned about awarding the Conservatives a majority...but I believe this particular outcome was largely driven by Liebral/NDP/Media hysteria about the economy and Harper's poor performance in articulating a response that allayed such fears.

6. The public thankfully didn't go for Jack Layton's suggestion that he be given Stephen Harper's job...The NDP improved their position in parliament (with a strong showing in the Hamilton region in particular - overall they went from 31 to 37 seats...I see this a type of creep...) but right now all Layton can really claim is that he is the leader of Canada's fourth powerful political party (with less than half seats of a watered down Liebral caucus). The NDP needs to move beyond the dull ideas of 1960's Euro-Socialism if they wish to make meaningful progress nationwide.

7. Loudmouth and turncoat Garth Turner lost his Oakville seat - good riddance - the man makes the likes of Sid Ryan seem bearable (and this is saying a lot)

8. The Tory's picked up the riding of former Tory-turned-Liebral- Belinda Stronach in Aurora - Business as usual...

9. Wajid Khan who crossed the floor from the Grits to the Torys in 2006 was ousted as well..message to all politicians thinking if crossing the floor..Forget it...the same goes for that dude who crossed over to give the Greens their only seat in parliament..start sending out the resume mate.

10. Nobody can even think of bringing down a government for some time now...the public simply has no appetite for another election. This years extremely low turnout is indicative of that.

11. Book you seat at the Next Grit Coronation/Circus ...hopefully for them Gerard Kennedy and his allies (including the anti-semitic fringe of the party) on the loony left side of the party will not sabotage the choice of Bob Rae who seems to be the Party's best choice right now (this of course is not saying much as Rae and his fellow wonks at the Not a Democrat Party virtually bankrupted Ontario when they held power here in the 90s).

12. Stephane I really need to go into this?...he seems like a decent person but what did they say about nice guys?.....message to Liebral Party..choose a leader who can converse in a language that the majority of Canada speak.

13. Justin Trudeau was elected as an MP...its only a matter of time though before he becomes a future Grit leader..for better but most likely for worse (such is the lack of quality politicians in Canada)...He certainly is not the intellectual figure that his over-hyped (and extremely modest) father was.

14. The Torys will have to hold back on eating baby's for some time...In the mean time the other Parties can continue their brainstorming rhetoric about a hidden agenda...

15. Another Message to the Liebrals - Never mention anything about a new tax when an election looms on the horizon...(although I personally believe that the Green Shift Plan made some sense).Yes I know you indicated that income tax reshuffling will be utilized as a method of returning money to the public but this sounds more like added smoke and mirrors from a party that once advocated scrapping the GST and never followed through with it.
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