Sunday, October 12, 2008

In the New XLIX

Liebrals and NDP continue fear mongering in Canadian election run up
- it seems to be paying off
Now Stephane Dion is using it to wriggle out of his agenda - Typical Lieberal - say anything to win election then back-track when the going gets tough.
However as expected the Lieberal plan does not add up.
They also might be their own worst enemies.

Is ACORN vote rigging for the US Election in favour of Obama?
It seems as though this might be the case. Read and again and again.

Front Page Magazine has informative look at the link between certain Black Racists and the Global Jihadist Movement.

Same old same old - another defeatist Kadima-Labour Coalition in Israel?
Say it ain't so....

Hamas has a bomb factory in Hebron (probably more elsewhere)
Hardly a surprise but at least it was identified and reported

Venezuelan oil output under Chavez slips
Apparently it has fallen by a how will the revolution be funded?

ANC and DA oppose removing Springbok Emblem for South African Rugby
Good for them - There is only so much cultural genocide a country can take.

More on South Africa's future Dictator: You heard it here.

Iran seeks foreign investment in oil

The global assortment of greed capitalists will likely go for this but what the country really needs is economic sanctions to destabilize a terror supporting regime.

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