Sunday, April 29, 2007

Science News

Darwin was not fond of the shape of his nose
More from the Darwin v Asa Grey design debate.

Black Holes as Portals to other Universes
A meme that will not die. Think of all the possibilities if it were correct.


Black Holes as Quantum Computers
I liked these quote:

Passengers on a spaceship would like some guarantee that when they fall into this black hole and get smooshed into the singularity, they can be recreated as it evaporates.


"And you'd have to collect every little piece of Hawking radiation because the spaceship would get spread out with everything that fell into the black hole – ever," Gottesman says. "So you'd have to sort out which bits were the spaceship and which bits were other things. It's implausible."

All of this is a consequence of the belief that Black Holes don't destroy information (Hawking lost a bet on this one).

A Bioplastic that is also boil-proof (up to a point)
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