Tuesday, April 10, 2007

God's Diary

It would be neat if this were God's diary...

The planets would be diverse, so that if you thought that Earth was extraordinary, then you were just scratching the surface. The Andromeda galaxy was to contain planets of rare beauty. This was my experimental galaxy, it was hearing that I introduced such features as oscillating mountain range, vertical seas, meso-morphic caves and organic quick sand pits. But don’t worry the Milky Way and even the Earth based solar system was blessed with its own idiosyncrasies.
All this design and building work happened on Day 5. I could move faster than the angels but I did require some of their help in making sure that the more routine planets such as mercury were correctly designed. They also assisted me in the architectural manipulation of many of the planetary moon. I extended the length of Day 5 to make sure that all the design work was complete. Something that I could have done on others day, except for the fact that it tends to make the angels lazy as well as taking away the true joy of working under pressure. A concept, I feel, every angel assistant creator should experience. The customizing of the planets is my favorite part of the creation process even more so than the life form design which follows on Day 6 (Note: my days outlined in this autobiography and the days of the human bible differ slightly but the general just of the idea is the same). I am not sure why. Even God is sometimes perplexed by some questions, but I suppose it has something to do with its appeal to my artistic side.

888 was slowly taking shape, it would be a novel universe in that the planets I had designed for it were brilliant in their complexity. I felt this to be a personal triumph something that I had failed to achieve in some of my earlier versions. I guess I was inspired to keep to the high standards that the angels had achieved on Day 1. In one way I envied the future inhabitants of 888 for the world that lay before them to explore. That is the problem with being God you can never quite enjoy your own creation as you are aware of all the mysteries, enigmas and nuances which lie within it.

Day 6, was the day of Life. I woke up early to get a head start on preparing the algorithm for the Evolutionary Generator. Carbon was chosen as the basic element for life, although I decided to add both silicon and Germanium life forms to the equation. Carbon with its four valences would be a better choice than Nitrogen which I had used in 857 or Fluoride which I chose for 852 (those Fluoride based insect life forms of 85 were extremely difficult to control and proved to be one of the influential factors leading me to vanquish this Universe). Some of you may ask whether I always stick to the same Periodic Table of Elements when designing the Universe? The answer of course is No. I have worked with over 400 types of Periodic Tables in my life as a creator. Version 357, that exists as the basis for 888 is therefore one of many, but it is also one of my favorites as the majority of elements tend to be stable.

The Universe from a human perspective appears to be incomprehensibly large, unfathomable in its complexity. This is the product of an infinite time worth of creation.
Building life on top of this physical diversity, would appear incredibly daunting, if it were not for the Evolutionary Generator (E.G.) that I invented first before my design of Version 5 (Universe 1 was created without life. In universes 2-4, I created life the old fashioned away by hand).
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