Thursday, April 05, 2007

30 Universal Annoyances and Wastes of Space

1. Wannabees at Poetry Readings.
2. Man U bandwagon fans.
3. White Guilt Liberals
4. BBC know-it-alls
5. Chomskyites (of the political persuasion)
6. The Moral Majority
7. Control Freaks
8. American Sportcasters talking about Soccer.
9. The Bechtel Lobby
10. Lou Dobbs jingoism
11. Al Sharpton on any given day
12. Polarizers of the Evoluition Debate
13. Religious Fanatics
14. Censors.
15. Sports Egoists
16. Polarizers of the Environmental Debate
17. The Anti-IQ test lobby
18. Dumb-it-down education wonks
19. University lecturers who preach ideology in class
20. The Anti-Semitic Arab Media
21. SUV Drivers on Cellphones in traffic
22. The guy who runs Jew Watch
23. People who use bodily fluids to make 'art'
24. Spam Senders
25. Stupid people in authority
26. The United Nations at times (too often)
27. Jimmy Carter
28. Deconstructionist Zealots
29. People who will do anything for fame
30. Those who refuse to think.
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