Saturday, April 07, 2007

A Conversation with Jafrig

Its pure fiction but philosophical.

K: So who are you?
J: I am Jafrig your universal tracker.
K: My unique personal universal tracker?
J: Not exactly. I have 3 million soul entities under my care of which you are just one. However I know all my client’s life stories in side out.
K: Hmmm. What do you mean by that?
J: Well your soul has existed as an independent entity ever since its separation from the Essence complex some time ago. I won’t go into the detail of what this time is right now. My job is to monitor your soul’s growth and performance over time, to see how much individual ‘essence’ it can absorb before its returned to the complex. Therefore I track all your actions and deeds. I know more about you then you do about yourself.
K: Frightening. Am I doing ok then?
J: Not bad. Its not a competition though. Separating the soul from the Essence Complex is more of an experimental trial than anything else.
K: What is the Essence Complex anyway?
J: Difficult to explain, Its basically the soup of everything, The mind of God. When we exist in the Essence Complex our minds become that of a greater entity.
K: So we lose all sense of individuality?
J: Not really because one gains the infinity of God’s mind. That becomes our individuality.
K: Right now as a ‘soul’ I am separated from the Essence. Is my main goal to return to the Essence ? A philosophical objective that seems similar to such Eastern Philosophies as Hinduism or Buddhism.
J: No. The soul has no goal (Gotta love the rhyme). When separated the Essence it exists and is manipulated by a universal tracker such as myself.
K: So you control me?
J: Control is too strong a term. I manipulate circumstances to challenge the soul. You still have free will in any surrounding.
K; You mentioned God early on. Who or what is God?
J: God is a synonym for the Essence Complex at least within my frame of limitation. It may have meaning on a different level. But I am not privy to that.
K: I see so you yourself are partially in the dark ?
J: Yes. Mainly because I myself am separated from the Essence Complex.
K: Are you then a soul.? I am going on the assumption that any entity that is separated from the Essence Complex is a soul.
J: Universal Trackers are souls that are manipulated directly by the Essence Complex.
K: Will my soul eventually be returned to the Essence Complex?
J: Yes. Your journey outside the Essence complex is always temporary.
K: When will I return?
J: I cannot say right now. Still awaiting instructions from the Essence Complex.
K: Okay, the way I see it then is that I will be born over and over again until the Essence Complex decides that I should return to its fold.
J: Precisely.
K: However you are not necessarily reborn as a human and your rebirth can take place anywhere in the Universe
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