Sunday, March 10, 2013

Yawn...When is the EPL over???

I never thought I would say this (as a die hard English football fan) but I can't wait for the EPL to finish. No its not sour grapes over my team Liverpool's inconsistency (although I do think they are on the right path), but this season more than any in recent memory has lacked both excitement and high quality football that has defined the Premiership. Man U have pretty much led from start to finish playing the type of soccer which would barely garner them a fourth spot in La Liga or the Bundesliga. Manchester City have been anemic as is the case of Chelsea. While Spurs have have performed with style (perhaps more than any other team) its only a matter of time before their season unravels in typical faction allowing Arsenal (a euphemism for mediocrity) to edge ahead of them towards the last remaing CL spot (I hope that I am wrong on this account). Yes I have enjoyed the play of Southampton and that other minnow Swansea but the presence in the top half of the EPL of Stoke, Everton and West Brom (three team's genuinely lack creativity) does not auger well for a league that six years ago provided three out of the four CL Finalists. This year there will most likely be no English teams in the Champion's League Quarterfinals (Arsenal's chances of overturning Bayern are slim) and deservedly so. Spain, Italy and Germany all have stronger leagues and English footer needs a serious wake up call  for right now it appears as though it has jumped on the wrong side of the salary/performance utility curve. Lets hope that it can stop the rot soon.

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