Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Atheist versus Theist Debates

I have seen several of these debates on you tube and after a while they become tiring (both sides rehashing the same dogma over again). As a theist I have my bias but I do admit that I miss those debates where the atheist viewpoint was espoused by the late Chris Hitchens. I did not agree with Hitch on several issues but he certainly livened up the discourse with his wit and his combative rhetoric. Sam Harris is the best of the remaining New Atheists and seems far and away a more deeper thinker than the over-hyped self indulgent Richard Dawkins. Lawrence Krauss is nothing special as is AC Grayling while Daniel Dennett is a tad on the dry side. Michael Shermer's approach is overly reductionist and he lives by the art of the false dichotomy. On the theist side I have no time for Chris Hedges, Al Sharpton, Deepak Chopra and Dinesh D' Souza  but like listening to Ian Hutchinson, Dennis Prager and Rabbi Wolpe (all of whom are extremely logical in their arguments). The debate has lost some of its zest as of late but I am sure that it will resurrect itself when the Jihadists commit their next atrocity in the name of religion (something you can almost bet on).
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