Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The better candidate drops out

Marc Garneau has dropped out of the Liberal Leadership race clearing the way for Justin Trudeau to move one step closer to heading the Grits. This is a sad day for those looking for a meaningful candidate from the Liebrals. Trudeau is rich on cheap glitz (a glance at his silly comments and his naivety with respect to radical Islam are testament to this) but critically short on substance and so far looks like a less adept version of his father -  arguably the most over-hyped politician in Canadian history. Still the Libs have a while to go before they storm Sussex Drive. They have much
sympathy in the Toronto area (who would vote for a muppet if he were a Liberal) but need to build goodwill elsewhere in Canada. Muclair and his socialists have a few minutes left on their fifteen but any Liberal leader needs to return to the pragmatism of Pearson if they wish to govern effectively . So far Trudeau being the latest incarnation of the party that gave us Dion and Ignatieff does not seem to be that man, Garneau from most accounts seems more likely to aspire to this role.    
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