Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Ein Sof

The Ein Sof is a kabbalistic term that attempts to clarify (as much as possible)the elusive nature of G-d. It literally means 'there is no end'.
Here are my thoughts on the Ein Sof and how it fits into my worldview.

1. All power ultimately resides with the Ein Sof. The Ein Sof cannot be defined, reduced or even truly conceptualized however its presence is ubiquitous.
2. We are individual souls derived from the Ein Sof. Our abstraction from the Ein Sof does not in anyway reduce the Ein Sof.
3. The Ein Sof transcends all matter and energy and is synonymous with all that there really is.
4. The Ein Sof interacts with our defined universe via the matter world of the physicality.
5. The laws of physics do not limit the Ein Sof as all its constraints and realities are a product of the Ein Sof.
6. The Ein Sof is consequently the cause of why something as opposed to nothing exists.
7. As Ein Sof Derived Souls (known hence forth as ESDS) we can interact with the Ein Sof by following the path of goodness.
8. This involves the extension of our sense of self and a concerted focus on the positive growth of our being.
9. Several world religions have addressed this dynamic but have unfortunately allowed themselves to lose focus in the vortex of cultural noise.
10. Meaningful belief has to extend beyond this ‘noise’ to reclaim the connection with the Ein Sof
11. This brings us the greatest joy.
12. The most direct approach toward the goodness involves the elucidation of perspective. This substantiates itself in a prioritization of goals, daily events and thoughts. Perspective is a triage for the mind, it places our challenges in context so that we never lose sight of the goodness of the Ein Sof.
13. We must be thankful for what we have. I call this a consolidation of reality.
14. Once such a step has been undertaken the mind framework towards the goodness is rooted. This catalyzes the drive.
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