Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Itamar Massacre

The Japanese Earthquake and the Itamar massacres have greatly disturbed me. I can understand the former (gut wrenching as it is ) as an act of nature but the latter sickens me in that it was perpetrated by human killers who thought nothing about decapitating the head of an infant slitting her throat, while murdering both her parents and two of her siblings in cold blood. There is absolutely no excuse for such barbarism other than the understanding of its manifestation as an obvious outcome from a collective psyche schooled in the art of blood lust, hate and violence.

The victimizers have their champions, candy was handed out to passing drivers in Gaza by the terror proponents of Hamas, to commemorate such an 'achievement' and its only a matter of time before the killers have schools named after. Meanwhile western leftists carry out spin control to minimize the evil, with the typical litany of rationalizations that they would never accept if the situation were reversed. Has the world gone insane? I believe it did some time ago and as a Jew who sees how cheaply Jewish life has again become the pain is lingering. Once again the Jews are alone in their struggle against base evil. However base evil in a modern framework knows no limit, and if good is not free to counter it then the slippery slope to universal barbarism lies not to far from the horizon.
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