Sunday, May 16, 2010

On the Synthesis

Despite the lack of time I have managed to sneak in a few good reads. Lawrence Kelmen's permission to believe was a useful diversion. Kelmen puts forth the rationalist argument for G-d under the sub texts of absolute morality and cosmological/teleological principles. As a rabbi he further extends his reasoning into the Judaic universe. While I have heard these arguments before (including the case for atheist irrationality) Kelmen's succinct approach is commendable.

I am now reading James Horgan's, Rational Mysticism, which seems to have some early promise. I was disappointed by Horgan's early work, the End of Science, so it is worthwhile to see if he can redeem himself with this newer work.

The overlap between religion, science and by extension reason is a topic that continues to intrigue me. For those with a similar fascination I would urge you to read Harold Morowitz's ' The Emergence of Everything'. Morowitz is systematic in his outlook but broad in his scope. His understanding of complexity is constructed along a logical narrative that opens the door between Cartesian Reductionism and Holistic Emergence.

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