Sunday, May 16, 2010

The British Elections - 2010

I have yet to warm up to David Cameron and his Fuzzy Conservatives but he certainly seems to be a better choice than Labour's Gordon Brown and the Lib-Dem Nick Clegg.
The Conservatives fell twenty seats short of a majority and will have to rely on the Whigs to govern. Many of Clegg's supporters claim that he has failed them by forming an alliance with a party that seems to be at odds with the Lib-Dems on many issues (election reform, immigration, welfare state etc) but Clegg's move was one of his expediency that may serve to prevent him from being another David Steele or Paddy Ashdown (ie. a perennial occupant of the political wilderness). Only time will tell. Nevertheless Cameron's biggest challenge is clear: the anemic British Economy uber alles. I wish him luck.
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