Thursday, January 28, 2010

In the News LXVI

Judge Alito makes his views heard...apparently
Looks like the Judge seems to think that Barry O is full of hot air..he is not the only one

Scott Brown praises Obama...sort of
.....The calm before the storm perhaps...then again he could morph into a RINO like so many before him.

US Economy still has a long way to go is possible that there may be an illusionary recovery but what will happen if Obama and co. raise taxes in the not to distant future?

More lies from Hamas
......they claimed to have targeted military sites...I guess nobody told them that the Israelis don't locate their military sites in hospitals/schools/civilian facilities as Hamas do....

Northern Ireland Deadlock
Northern Ireland was one of Tony Blair's successes.....Brown may have to play hardball on this one as well....not sure his up to it though.

Mugabe digs in his heels

The Zimbabwean despot has run the country into the ground but seems unlikely to lose power as the West and the Rest of Africa are not nearly as focused in bringing down his government as they were with the White Regime in South Africa. The people of this landlocked country will suffer as a result of such a selective bias.

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