Tuesday, August 18, 2009

In the News LXI

Obama bites off more than he can chew.
Senior Citizens, Blue Dogs and the fact that the US is still a center right country will make this an extremely tough fight. I myself support a blended system (public and private) but sympathize with those who are mindful of the heavy hand of government.

Hamas lashes out against Islamist Opponents
This is one of these situations where you wish both sides would lose.

South African economy shrinks by 3% in Quarter
as if having an uber leftist such as Jacob Zuma was not bad enough..

Gordon Brown - 'dour' - according to fellow Scot
The assessment is a bit harsh but Brown is no leading light in the charisma department. It will cost him, together with the failed economic policies of Labour, when he faces up to David Cameron in the next general election.

Netanyahu has actually suspended settlement building
There must be a lot happening behind the scenes (in the negotiation department) that is being kept from the public eye. I just hope that Netanyahu is listening more to Avigdor Lieberman than Ehud Barak.

Canada: Ignatieff is still not as popular as Harper
Polls are often wrong but the fact that Iggy continues to stall in a weak economy is not good news for the Grits.
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