Sunday, August 09, 2009

In the News LX

Obama and co. may soften sanctions on Sudan
The Obama administration seems to be doing its best in blurring the distinction between good and evil. Meanwhile here is some news on a National Fast concerning Darfur.

Five reasons why Obama will hike middle class taxes despite the rhetoric to the contrary.
Key Idea: He is a Keynesian at heart and so are his advisers.

Human Rights Watch slams Hamas.........I guess they finally saw through all the pro-Terror rhetoric.

A Chavez Thug may actually meet some justice.... Although I wouldn't hold my breath.

Gordon Brown insists Britain is still a Christian Country
But not for long....The Anglican Church is in severe decline, atheism is at an all-time high and the only religion that is gaining strength in the UK is Islam.

Wishful thinking from Hilary Clinton regarding Zimbabwe-South Africa
South Africa has enabled Mugabe's Zimbabwe and will likely (if post-colonial African history is a guide) follow the same policies towards self destruction in the future. However you have to at least appreciate Clintion's Pollyanna like has some value in its irony.

Canadian PM is not budging on Omar Khadr
I agree with Harper. Although Khadr should be tried in a US Court (not held indefinitely).

Michael Ignatieff has to tell us who he is..
The man changes position so often that I am not sure he knows himself.

Sotomayor confirmed
She replaces the liberal David Souter in the Court (so from that perspective it is awash) but for all those who champion the discriminatory policies of affirmative action this is a big win.

Obama aides sees signs of recovery but say it will be slow
Yes and at the end of it all future generations of Americans will have a huge mountain of debt to deal with.
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