Monday, August 17, 2009

Eric Margolis - Another Useful Idiot

There are many second rate minds who occupy print space in the media but one who definitely would be in the running for any contest in this regards is Eric Margolis.

Margolis is the Toronto Sun's resident pseudo-intellectual (although he does write for a host of Middle Eastern publications as well as the Huff Po). He claims to be an Eisenhower Republican but his rhetoric is akin to anything that can be found in the sewers of Counterpunch or ZNet in that he has two targets consistently in focus: neoconservatives and the state of Israel. Margolis, the human pretzel, will twist a story around to fit his skewed view of the world, he refuses to condemn Hamas for what they are - a terrorist organization, comes up with all sorts of wingnut conspiracy theories to vilify Israel and claims that the US could have reliably appeased North Korea. If its worth getting wrong - Margolis is your man. What surprises me is that he still continues to hold a position with the Sun (not a great paper by any stretch of the imagination but one that is normally at odds with the just of Margolis' arguments).Could it be a consequence of the fact that he is a majority owner of Jamieson's Laboratories? I wonder.....Oops I sound like Margolis now...
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