Saturday, April 12, 2008

Nine Irritating Personality Types

After Years of Observation.

1. The Repeater – Someone who tells you the same story over and over again without realizing at all that they have told it to you before. Strong repeaters not only retell the same stories but are prone to reiterating old cliches. The Repeater is the Ultimate bore and what is worse is that they have no idea whatsoever that they are boring. Somehow they are surrounded by an imaginary force field.

2. Computer Retentive - Never happy with the output of a document. The retentive is always adjusting such factors as the FONT or margin spacing to fit his or her obsessive need for ludicrious perfection. After a while adjustments will become ridiculous, such as flashing lines in word documents. Nevertheless CRs will insist that their document presentation is the best even if it means missing the deadline for the document’s draft.

3. Fashion Critic per excellence– Walks around making remarks about the dress sense of others. Is astute in noticing what is wrong with one’s dress clothes. Often does not hesitate to point this out to you. Of course their dress sense is by definition perfect.

4. Ultimate Process Player – Won’t do anything unless its in the process. Forget about spontaneity its not documented. This character is without doubt one of the worst drudges in any work environment.

5. One- Over-U – What ever you achieve or can do? This personality type can do better. At least that’s what they claim. Sees everything in black and white, where its you against them. Lives by one up-manship. A trait that they probably developed during toliet training.

6. See-No-Evil – The world is all good. People are not bad just misunderstood. Is so caught up in seeing the good of others, that they cannot realize when they themselves are being used against good for the sake of ill-intended purposes.

7. My-luv-life-is crap – Bores you to death with descriptions of their love life. Generally self centered. Offers no advice to another party but insists that you should be the sounding board for the description of their pathetic life.

8. Darkside – Only see the worst moments of a situation, no matter how rosy it really is. Will insist on pointing out the negatives of winning the lottery or having sex with Pamela Anderson. Positive breaks are minimized whilst bad happenings are exaggerated to take on catastrophic portions. Any advice that you give such a person will be deconstructed and then ripped apart in front of the advice giver.

9. Obvious Sayer – An unimaginative git, who can always be relied to point out the obvious to everyone. Generally a trend follower the obvious sayer specializes in dumbing down what would otherwise be an intelligent conversation by stating the limits of his comprehension early on
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