Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Mousetrap Propulsion Car

This is a common High School Physics Project. Below is a list of expectations - in addition to the actual Mousetrap car - that I expect my Grade 11 Physics students to deliver on.

Grade 11 SPH3U Final Report

A Cover Page. Must include Title. Name. Course.
Report must be type-written
A sketch with clean lines. Sketch should contain labels of key items
A Free Body Sketch of the Mousetrap showing all forces
A Data Table with time trials for at least five runs
- Items to be included should be: starting velocity, average velocity, final velocity, displacement, time
- Calculate Net Force for each run
Estimation of Friction force acting on the object - will need to look up rolling friction coefficients
Calculation of Applied Force for each run. You will have to think about this.
Paragraph or two rationalizing why you made chose to implement certain features (at least three) eg. Why did you choose big wheels as opposed to small wheels or vice versa? Why were gears necessary? etc
A paragraph detailing important energy conversion that occur in the mousetrap process? Estimate the efficiency of the system.
A paragraph detailing possible improvements to the system.
A paragraph outlining what you believe that you have learnt from this project. At least three items.
Relevant Bibliography of at least four sources that you looked at when carrying out your design. A maximum of two of these sources can be internet related.

The Report need not be longer than five-six pages double spaced.
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