Friday, April 11, 2008

The Illusion of Atheist Superiority

Some of the most religious people I have ever met are atheists. Sounds ridiculous.....doesn’t it? But the preceding statement is a truism. The word ‘religion’ comes from the Latin root (religo) which means ‘to bind’ or ‘to obligate’. When viewed in such a context the enthusiasm which many an atheist shows in denying God creates such ‘an obligation’ to a philosophy....... that to call it anything else seems completely ludicrous. Now it is not that I am critical of the atheist's belief, for like any other free thinking being they too have the right to a choice...... but to describe oneself as existing on a higher level of being free from religion, simply because one has rejected the supernatural makes no sense whatsoever. All that has happened is that one belief system has been substituted for another, and the ‘escape from dogma’ that so many atheists rejoice in trumping, is nothing more than a falsity that has blinded the perspective of its holder.
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