Friday, November 02, 2007

Endorsing Rudy

I am not American so I can't vote in next years' Presidential Election but if I could this is the man who would earn my vote

Rudy Giuliani

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My reasons for supporting Rudy are:
1. His tough stance against international terrorism
2. His proven track record of accomplishment as mayor of New York
3. A strong bipartinsan history in politics (ie. he can work with the Dems)
4. An unbashed stream of pragmitism
5. He has an admirable record in crisis situations.
6. Is Fiscally conservative and socially liberal.
7. Has Blue and Red State Appeal
8. Will take a tough stance against illegal immigration.
9. Has an excellent understanding of matters of the judiciary.
10. Supports a women's right to choose but opposes partial birth abortion.
11. Opposes the idea of 'bigger government'.
12. Champions School Choice.

The only point I disagree with him on is his opposition to Gay Marriage but then nobody is perfect.

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